Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Time for my family

Today I had to make a decision between money, and being happy!!!  At the beginning of the year I opened myself a little LLC to help me with my taxes. I wanted to be able to claim things from babysitting that I normally don't do. The parents claim me, and for years I have reported what I have been making, but I wanted some write offs. So when I did this I took on 2 more full time day care kids. It seemed like a good thing, but the more and more I had these 2 things just didn't feel right. Finally today after having a week break I decided to call it quits. I hated doing it but I could tell it was needed. My kids and myself were so happy last week when I had a break that I just knew that I needed to do it.
I still have my one little buddy who is like my own, Cooper. He is a doll and his mom and I just hit it off. We grew up together so that helped but she respects me and I her. And well Cooper is an angel and so easy to work with. Everyone loves him.
So today I am so grateful to be able to make decisions based on Happiness and not money. I am so glad that Josh has always made enough money to keep me home and let me do what I want to. We went with out a lot when we were younger so that I could stay home with my kids and I am so grateful for that.
I am so excited to spend these next few months with Brandon before he leaves on his mission for 2 years. I can't tell you how proud I am of Bubba. He is a dream child!! I love him so much and I can't wait for him to write me home and tell how much he loves his mission. I am one proud Mama!!

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