Monday, May 18, 2015

True Happiness

What do you think true Happiness is? True happiness to me is caring enough about myself to be healthy. For years I have put myself on hold, I put my needs last, and for the first time in a long time I decided that I mattered and was going to put myself first. I have to tell you I have never felt better. One month back at Fire House Fitness I have lost 15lbs of fat and gained 6lbs of muscle so a total loss of 9lbs. I am so super excited!! I love feeling this way!! I love being able to move and not be stiff.True Happiness is loving myself!
True Happiness is having kids that are moving forward!!! Doing great in life and are succeeding in what they are doing. Not having to force my kids into things, but allowing them to make decisions on their own and watching them succeed!! Watching them grow from little kids to adults!!
True Happiness is my life!! I have a wonderful life and have been greatly blessed!!

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